Induction High Frequency

Induction High Frequency

All of our welders are based on the High Frequency or “HF” welding process that we developed almost 30 years ago and have led the way ever since. With its Current-Fed Inverter (CFI) design, our welding equipment range gives you the capability to successfully weld almost any metal you want – efficiently and economically.

We supply equipment needed to weld carbon and stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum, as well as exotic alloys, such as boron steel and HSLA, AHSS, and Trip Steels.


  • A high efficiency rating of 85% to meet the ever increasing worldwide electrical energy standards.
  • Patented full range Supertherm ensures full power output over wide range of product sizes.
  • Uses predictive algorithm to calculate the initial recommended HF welding frequency and power settings, based on product geometry and material.
  • Frequency can be independently adjusted by the operator or by the suggested settings from the Supertherm Technology screen during operation.
  • Comes with an operator friendly control system that enables the user and production engineers to tailor weld parameters to their products and mill.
  • Optimal HF weld parameters can be stored for future runs. Recipe recall ensures quality product is produced, turn to turn.
  • Table positioning servo can set the induction coil or weld contacts to the specific vee position when the desired vee length is entered in the HMI.
  • Equipped with Speed Power Control giving the operator the tools that are needed to start, stop and jog the mill while welding – this keeps scrap to a minimum by reducing open seam.
  • Allows for selecting both the precise power and frequency settings to successfully produce the best weld on any tube or pipe mill with virtually any material type.
  • Power supply is completely sealed with high quality gaskets, thus eliminating contamination.
  • Doors are fitted with lift-off hinges for easy access.


Power Range Up to 1000 kW
Output Frequency 150-400 kHz + 1% stabilized frequency per load requirements
Diameter Range Unlimited
Induction Coils Standard
HF Contact Welding Yes
Dual Induction Contact Yes
Weld Tables Single, 2, 3,
AutoMatch™ Yes
Speed Power Control Yes
Tachometer Yes
Efficiency > 85%
Power Factor 0.92
Ripple ~1
WeldScan Yes
ThermaView Yes
ThermaSure Yes



Supertherm offers a comprehensive range of induction coils, designed specifically for use with Supertherm solid-state HF induction welders. Manufactured from high conductivity copper, quality inspected and coated for long life, there are numerous types and sizes available to satisfy every application. Many of these models are available for immediate delivery from stock.

Whether you are producing carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum or galvanized tubing, Supertherm has the induction coil to meet your specific needs. Our comprehensive range of induction coils fully supports the entire range of Supertherm welders with power ratings from 50 kW to 2 MW and operating frequencies ranging from 150 kHz to 800 kHz and variable frequency.

For special coil requirements, Supertherm engineers are pleased to review the possibility of a custom coil design/build.

Induction Coils

Supertherm offers an extensive range of impeders to satisfy a very diverse range of tube and pipe welding applications. Whether your mill produces small diameter/thin wall tubing or large diameter/heavy wall API line pipe, Supertherm supplies a complete selection for you. The proper choice of impeder, correctly installed, will play a major part in achieving maximum welding efficiency. It should also be noted that as the performance of all ferromagnetic materials is a function of temperature, it is critically important that the ferrite core is kept as cool as possible during the tube welding process. Ideally, the temperature of the coolant flowing through an impeder should not exceed 25°C. Supertherm also supplies booster pumps for these demanding applications.


Modern tube mills that operate at higher line speeds have created demand for impeders that deliver superior performance. Such enhanced performance can only be achieved by using the very best ferrites available. A growing number of tube and pipe producers worldwide choose Supertherm ferrites in order to optimize the performance of their mills. Supertherm offers four different types of ferrites which can be cut to length, if required. Contact us today to learn more!